Ranking every item on the Wegmans hot food bar from 1-40

Walking into Wegmans brings with it the scent of possibilities. The size and scope of the store’s hot foods and salad bars are unparalleled among its competitors and is a big reason the regional powerhouse has such a loyal following. The selections run the full gamut from traditional faire to Asian offerings, a salad bar, soups and more.

The number of Wegmans’ hot foods is more expansive than any other grocery store chain in the area and is generally done at a higher level. The tradeoff, of course, is that the price per pound skews higher — hot foods tip the scales at $9.49 per pounds — and costs can escalate quickly. Wise eaters weigh the opportunity cost of every item on their plates.

That’s where we are trying to help.

We sampled everything and ranked the items from least to most edible. Almost everything available was very good, but the rankings had to start and end somewhere. The whole idea was to come up with a listing that helps inform choices for the casual diner looking to sort through the 50-plus options.

So, which items are worth the weight?

The rankings below are limited to self-serve hot foods and did not include the salad bar, soups, pizza, subs, sushi or other cold items.

Here we go …

40. Steamed fish

The lemon flavor and fresh diced peppers and scallions helped mask the fact that the fish itself doesn’t bring much to the table. Hard pass.

39. Meatloaf

This dish doesn’t look like much in the pan, and doesn’t taste like much on your plate. Sometimes you really can judge a book by its cover.